Valentine's Day is on the Way

I'm joining forces again with India Kang and Karenna Alexander for this Valentine's Day. We're hosting something special for you, whether you are single or in a relationship: We will answer all your burning questions during three separate live Facebook Q & A's. So here are the details for my session: All you have to do is show up on my fan page at your relevant time above, post your questions, and I will answer for you in real time. Make sure you "like" my page: and check your timezone. Although it's Thursday February 9 in the USA, it's Friday 10th in Australia and UK when I go LIVE. What you need to do: 1. Like my fan page on Facebook. You can vi

What Does it Feel Like When It's Right?

David and Iman What does it feel like when it's right? Are you in a relationship where you feel like your boyfriend is not treating you the way you would like? Are you feeling like he's taking you for granted and you're wondering if he's really into you? Let me ask you this: Do you think there was ever a time since the moment David Bowie first laid eyes on her that Iman wasn't sure about how he felt about her? Do you think he ever treated her as though she was simply a convenience for him and took her terribly for granted? Since the recent passing of David Bowie, the world fondly remembers the example of true love that he and Iman were. Let's forget the fact that he was a rock star and she's

Don't Tell Him What to Do

Have you ever been in a situation at work or with your parents or at school/college where you feel like nothing you do is right? You’re trying your best, giving it a good shot but it feels like everywhere you turn, you’re being corrected, criticised or told to do it again, the way someone else wants it done? Or you just want to go to the beach or do your own thing and someone is constantly telling you that you can’t. Take a moment to think about how that feels. Everyone expects a little bit of constructive criticism here and there or some restriction when you’re growing up but I’m talking about when it’s beyond that, when it’s relentless. What’s that like? Does it inspire you to keep going i

The Spirit of the New Year

Some thoughts as we begin 2017... One of the most popular traditions of the New Year is of course, the New Years Resolution. There is a wealth of New Years “bah humbug” on the net as bloggers complain that most resolutions are broken within a day or two. But I don't see anything wrong with them at all. In fact, when my son was very young and I wasn’t going out on New Year’s Eve, it became a tradition of mine to seize the opportunity for reflection on the past year and write goals for the year to come. None of us are perfect. Is there actually anyone alive that can honestly say they’ve never broken a New Year’s Resolution? I highly doubt it. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from making this tim

Five Ways to Protect Your Heart

Are you tired of being hurt by guys who don't seem to be backing up their words with their actions? One of the biggest issues for women in dating, is whether or not they can trust the guy. He might be really nice at first, she finds herself falling in love and then suddenly she discovers he has a wife and kids, or is sleeping with other women behind her back or he flies into a rage out of nowhere one day. We’ve all heard the horror stories or lived it ourselves but here are five ways that you can ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Don't get involved with a married or unavailable man in the first place. If you're looking for drama, here's a great place to start. The minute you start d

Who Run the World? Girls?

Are you successful in your career but unhappy with your dating life or relationship? In the Western World, we are so fortunate and take for granted that as women, we can do just about anything we want to. Here in Sydney, I know many successful women who are achieving their dreams. They are smart, intelligent, savvy and they’re well-respected in their career. However, so many of them are disillusioned with the dating scene. They feel like they have it all, except for the relationship they crave. Now, my intention is not to upset those women who are quite happy being single and free to pursue their career goals. This blog is directed to the ones who feel like something is missing from their li

Hotline Bling

You Used to Call Me On My Cell Phone... While I was out running this morning, Drake's "Hotline Bling" started playing through my headphones. It inspired today's blog. While this song is about a guy who is upset that his late night booty call is clearly now seeing other people, today's blog isn't specifically about that. This is for girls who are feeling unhappy or frustrated with how things are going in their dating life or relationship. Here are a few questions to consider: Are you feeling any anxiety when texting or calling a guy? Are you constantly feeling like he's not answering in the way you would like him to be? Is it all making you wonder if he's really into you? The world of texting

5 Things to Learn from the Breakup.

Is this a familiar scene? Just about everyone, at some point in a relationship, can relate to this situation. But what’s really wrong here? They met, were crazy about each other but then bought a condo together and moved in. According to The Rules by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, this is a big rule-breaker. He’s getting all the benefits of having a wife without having committed to her. A man needs to be given the opportunity to work hard to prove himself to the woman he loves during the dating period. If she doesn’t let him do that, he won’t appreciate her as much and will be happy to shack up and take her for granted. It’s human nature. And the bottom line is, men need a challenge to wi

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