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Valentine's Day is on the Way

I'm joining forces again with India Kang and Karenna Alexander for this Valentine's Day. We're hosting something special for you, whether you are single or in a relationship: We will answer all your burning questions during three separate live Facebook Q & A's. So here are the details for my session: All you have to do is show up on my fan page at your relevant time above, post your questions, and I will answer for you in real time. Make sure you "like" my page: and check your timezone. Although it's Thursday February 9 in the USA, it's Friday 10th in Australia and UK when I go LIVE.

What you need to do:

1. Like my fan page on Facebook. You can visit there now by clicking the link: 2. Show up on my page at the above time, SHARP!

3. Ask about all the things that you've wondered about how to navigate Valentine's Day

What kind of questions?

I already have lots of common questions to answer, like: What's an appropriate gift? What if he doesn't do anything for Valentine's Day? etc... You are free to ask anything you are unsure about regarding Valentine's Day this year!

Lynda Love

To book a free initial consultation with Lynda, Click Here! or email for any other enquiries.

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