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Quick Question Bundles

Do you have lots of quick questions that don't require a full consultation?

Quick Question Bundles may be for you. 

Here are the kinds of questions women are asking in their Quick Question Bundles

          What is the best response to this message from him? 


          How well did I handle these message exchanges? Could I have handled it better?


          Here's a dress I'm thinking of buying for dating. Is it appropriate?


          How do you feel about this guy based on our exchanges? Is he a Buyer Beware or is it so far, so good?

How does it work?

Email only:

Send a screenshot of the message/message exchange.

You have 18 months from purchase to use your bundle.

NOTE: For any questions that require a more thorough, detailed response, a consultation will need to be booked.

Choose your bundle here: 

Do you have a question about these bundles?
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