Why New Relationships Fail

You've met the man of your dreams. He is crazy about you and you can't get enough of each other. You feel like you have a deeper connection with this guy that is rare, spiritual, meant-to-be. Phone calls at night go on for hours as you share with him your deepest thoughts and feelings. You're seeing him at every opportunity - several nights a week and all weekend if you can. Things are moving fast but it's ok because you express to each other how you've never felt this way before. It's all so easy and comfortable and for the first time in a long time, you feel alive. I hear this very often from girls in a new relationship and I feel very uncomfortable as I fear she's heading for heart ache.

Top Five Tips for Women Texting Men

There is so much bad advice out there, teaching women how to flirt with a guy through texting or how to keep him interested by sending him a picture with a cute caption or a webpage you think he may like to check out. As far as dating is concerned, the purpose of texting should purely be to set up the next date. It’s not a good idea to use it as a means for maintaining a connection between dates, for fear he may otherwise lose interest, nor should it be the means for getting to know someone better. Get to know each other face-to-face, on a real date. All of my advice has nothing to do with game-playing and everything to do with protecting your heart. There are too many girls out there doing

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