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Why You Can't End it With Him.

November 15, 2017

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The Ultimate Tinder Date Fail

July 6, 2017

A girl recently called a radio station here in Sydney, complaining about a Tinder date. The date was breakfast on a Sunday morning but on the morning of the date, the guy sent her a text saying he'd had a big night with his mates the night before and probably still had too much alcohol in his system. Would she come over and pick him up? She agreed. (Yes, you read correctly - she agreed!!)

Picking up her car keys, she got in her car, drove to his place, picked him up and took him to a nearby cafe for breakfast. Ravenous, he ordered pretty much everything on the menu.

Just as he finished his meal, his phone rang. He excused himself and went outside to take the call. Fifteen minutes later, when he hadn't come back in, the girl paid for the breakfast and went outside to find him. He was there, still on the phone. When she told him she paid for breakfast he said, "Thanks for that," without offering to pay.

The topic for the radio station call-in was whether the man should pay on a date. This guy not only didn't pay his share of the breakfast bill, he got away with having her pay for the entire feast. From my point of view, this was the least of her worries. 

This is a great rort he has going here. Think of it from his point of view. He knew he was going to have a big night out with the boys on Saturday night, so he scoured Tinder for a girl who would be gullible enough to pick him up and take him out for a free breakfast to cure his Sunday morning hangover. If someone is willing to oblige, why wouldn't he do it?!

Of course, I'