Introducing the *NEW*
Havana Membership

What's included?

Monthly Membership!


The 6 Week Fast Track to Your Dream Guy Challenge

After you've completed Fast Track, the monthly membership gives you ongoing access, as well as the bonuses listed here!


Weekly Group Coaching Calls on Zoom

You're invited to join us for extra support as I answer individual questions from Havana members.


Havana Starters Course

This short "starters" course gives you great tips on where to meet good men.


The Private Havana Dating Facebook Support Group

Get access to the private Facebook group where other like-minded women, who are also doing the 6 Week Challenge, support each other. I answer lots of questions in there too!


The Rules Magic Webinar

87-minute webinar recorded live in New York City with three of us Rules Coaches.

There is so much to love about this membership. I can take Tania everywhere with me - I even watch her videos while I'm at the gym! There is so much personal support from Tania and the other women in the Facebook group. I have so many dates right now, my biggest challenge is knowing how to manage them all!"

Havana Member