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10 reasons why YOU need to coach with Tania

Here are some reasons why Tania Moran (AKA Lynda Love) has become the go-to coach for women of all ages from all over the world.


1. Tania's clients love and trust Tania for her calm, non-judgemental approach

2. Tania creates a safe, warm, friendly one-on-one environment for sharing the sensitive issues you need to discuss.

3. Clients never feel "forced" into making decisions either way about their relationship. Instead, Tania gives insights into what could be causing issues and then provides actionable advice that assists the client in achieving her own clarity in her unique situation. 

4. Women experience incredible transformations from constant dating disappointments or relationship upheaval to feeling a new sense of empowerment - the catalyst for taking their lives to a whole new level of fulfilment.


5.  The skills Tania's clients learn seep into all areas of their lives as they master a better way to not only deal with men but all people they encounter day-to-day.


6. The anxiety of dating reduces considerably for all of her clients. They’re no longer asking, “Is he into me?” or getting into painful relationships with non-committed men.


7. Tania teaches women how to weed out the time-wasters quickly and build solid foundations for warm, loving relationships.

8. With Tania's guidance, her clients are usually engaged within 18 months of meeting their Mr Right. 


9. Tania's clients marry good men.

10. Tania has helped women turn their marriages around, some on the brink of divorce. This can take some time but is possible, with consistent implementation of Lynda's strategies for creating healthy marriages.

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Tania Moran is Australia's top international dating and relationship coach. She coaches women from all over the world and is recognised for her calming, non-judgemental approach and her ability to completely turn around even the most challenging situation.   


A married Australian mum, Tania has a degree in Education from the University of Sydney. She has worked for many years in Australian schools, teaching students ranging in ages 12 to 18, from those with special needs to the gifted and talented. She is also a professional singer, musician and recording artist. 

"After my first marriage sadly ended, I eventually decided to start dating again. I was shocked to see how hard it was out there and was very confused about why this was the case.


It was New Years Day 2012 when I dedicated my life to learning all I could about men and women and their relationships. Armed with extensive training on the subject, along with hundreds of hours of discussions with both men and women about dating and relationships, as well as helping women who sought my advice, my understanding has deepened about what we have been doing wrong and how to turn it all around. What's amazing about it is that it's simpler than you think. In fact, most of it is information you just don't hear anywhere, yet it works incredibly effectively.  

I became a coach so that I could help change the lives of other women who right now might be lost in the wilderness of the dating jungle, or in unhappy relationships, by giving them the skills and encouragement to find and keep their Prince Charming.

Life is short.
Let's work together to achieve your goal:
A happy, enduring, fulfilling marriage with the man of your dreams."


B.Ed (Mathematics) - University of Sydney, Australia
Certified Dating and Relationship Coach - The Rules Consultation Corp, USA

He proposed on the anniversary of our first date! Big thanks to my fabulous coach Lynda Love, without whom I wouldn't be here. Lynda you have been a coach in a million and I have learnt so much from you. If it wasn't for you, I'd have fallen at the first hurdle but thanks to your calm, feminine yet firm way of approaching The Rules, I have floated along in my courtship gracefully. You've truly explained the essence of The Rules to me and helped me to really understand the dynamic of male-female relationships... Feeling extremely blessed.

Angelina R, 41 London, UK 

Lynda, I think that coaching with you has helped me work on my boundaries and realise that bad treatment from other people is unacceptable, and that gave me the confidence to try and change what I could and then to walk away. 


I feel like you’re more than just a coach, but a mentor and guide too.

Liza, 34  Sydney, Australia

I learned so much from one consult with Lynda. Ladies, it's worth it! I'm engaged to Mr Right! She set my pace and clarified my interpretation from the book. I focused and scored!

Christina H, 50 Michigan, USA (Now engaged)

I clicked with Lynda straight away, as she is approachable and understanding. She has helped me with my online messaging, dress style, and date behaviour and there's been a huge shift in the quality of my dates for the better.  Lynda's dating course gave me a deeper understanding of The Rules, of men, and of myself. I would highly recommend coaching with Lynda for anyone who wants to improve their dating experience.

Casey C, 33 Sydney, Australia

Lynda, you've really lifted my spirits.  As always, you have such a calming, uplifting influence-  thank you!:)  You're so reassuring and help me shake off any insecurities like that.

Sarah B, 39 San Francisco, USA

I was reflecting yesterday on where I was 9 months ago...so anxious, confused and emotionally unbalanced. Thank you for helping me navigate through all that mess. Since then I have slowly regained my emotional balance, I feel much more confident and can see things clearly. I am focusing now ME and doing things that bring joy to me. Thank you so much for all you did and being there. 

Rosie R, 37 San Antonio, USA

Lynda is a savvy and sophisticated life coach, in the best tradition of the Rules with a fantastic accent to boot! While I can certainly go to my mother or girlfriends for support, Lynda is the ONLY resource that has provided ACTIONABLE life advice to make my relationship with my second husband BETTER. While family and friends want to give you advice that supports you, sometimes that advice is counter to supporting the relationship. Lynda strikes a healthy and empathetic balance between understanding a woman's point of view and helping to translate that into actions that motivate a man to treat us with love, adoration and respect. Even my mother has begun to learn from me as I pass on Lynda's sage advice! All women in relationships should run -- not walk -- to set up an appointment with Lynda. You will not be sorry and better yet, you will be happily married.

Sandra H, 35 New York, USA (married)

It has been a bit of time since I first started working 1:1 with Lynda (written/emailed communication as well as weekly check in and discussions calls), and I could not be more pleased and proud to call myself her client; she balances the roles associated to coaching - switching seamlessly between the positions of mentor, guide, confidant and friend – with professional, yet affable ease.

When I first signed on, I was essentially starting from scratch. Having Lynda guide me through each leg of the journey from self work, getting set up with online dating, learning how to navigate communication with men, and more has been a wonderful and fun experience. I feel confident recommending Lynda as a wonderful coach to work 1:1 with or to schedule consultations with as desired. I know how wonderful I feel after my sessions and I do believe anyone who goes to her with a desire to improve themselves and their relationships will feel the same and understand the value of working with a coach like Lynda

Lis B, 29 Philadelphia, USA

Thanks so much Lynda. You are a godsend in what has been a very confusing time. This is so fascinating and illuminating and for one who spent a lot of time caught up in the maelstrom of heart drama, it's so nice to take a step back and trust.

Daniela S, 47 Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Lynda Love has just been invaluable to me and I wish every woman could be coached by her because she has made such an incredible difference to my life... Lynda is genuinely friendly and cheerful and positive.

Julie C, 34 Sydney, Australia (Now married)

I just had an incredibly amazing first consultation session with Lynda Love! She is very hopeful and positive, provides detailed guidance and support, thorough answers to questions and advice and is very understanding and empathetic of one's situation. She gave me wonderful feedback and strong boundaries to put in place with my current boyfriend, encouraged me to have a stronger sense of self-worth, and reminded me... that men understand ACTIONS.

Sophie J, 26 Fort Worth, USA

You made everything much more easy and I can definitely say that I finally am having fun again at dating. I have a much more positive attitude and everything is so different

Maria S, 32 ITALY (Now in a relationship)

Lynda Love has literally stopped me in my bad relationship tracks and helped me get the love I want. Whatever myths of dating I was labouring under, she dispelled. And what she has to say about men, dating and love makes so much sense, I can't believe I didn't know it before. As a coach, she is amazing: compassionate and wise, understanding and supportive. We all make mistakes in love. It's hard to reprogram a lifetime of bad conditioning and errors of judgement. Lynda understands this. Better yet, she supports you wholeheartedly, without judgement, so you feel empowered to get back on track to get what you want. It was, quite literally, the game changer I needed.

Ana M, 46 Sydney AUSTRALIA

Lynda Love is my coach. We talk once per week (more if I need extra help) and she is guiding me through a wonderful Rules relationship that is going strong. Best investment I've made in myself since getting my MBA!

Mary R, 48 Florence, USA

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