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The Secrets


Happy Marriage

6 - WEEK


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Who should take this program?

Married women of all ages from anywhere in the world. This is ideal for newly weds who want to start off on the right foot, as well as women who have been married for some time, are struggling in their relationship and desire a much happier and workable marriage experience. In short, this is for any woman for whom divorce is not an option she wants to take. 

What will I achieve by doing this program?

You are about to find out the Secrets to Happy Marriage

There is an unspoken epidemic of people suffering in unhappy marriages and not equipped with the tools required to make it work. No matter how blissfully in love a couple was when dating, marriage represents a total shift in the relationship. Only those who are married can share in this knowledge as you have to live it to understand this information on the deepest level. 


In this program I work closely with you in a private, individual coaching environment to equip you with those tools to either 

a) find the barriers in your relationship that are causing your marriage to falter and fix it. (This will take time and dedication to see long-term results.) 

b) keep your marriage on track so that you continue to grow old together, blissfully.

How does it work?

The Program is over 6 weeks


  • 6 x eBooks containing all of the content

  • 6 x 1 hour Zoom sessions with me (one per week)

  • Email support. This is where the real value of the program lies. If you have any questions or problems that arise between sessions, you can email me anytime and I will reply as quickly as I can (keeping in mind time zone differences.) I'm here to support you throughout this six week and listen...

I'm ready to sign up, what do I do?

  1. ​Pay below using PayPal.

  2. You will get an email confirmation for your payment from PayPal

  3. You will receive an email from me, asking you to book your first session on Zoom here: 

  4. Before our first call, you will receive the first week's eBook, which will form the basis of our call. 

  5. We will begin our call with time for you to express the specific issues that you are dealing with right now. We discuss those together before we get into the session.

Are you ready to learn the

Secrets to Happy Marriage?



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All payments made through PayPal. 

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