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The 6 Week Challenge:

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Single women of all ages from anywhere in the world. Numbers are limited to keep the group small for lots of individual attention.

You're invited to get on the Fast Track to meeting your Dream Guy! 

 Get out of the slow lane!

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getting involved with unavailable men, time-wasters, players, etc

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 Dating good men with confidence

 Knowing the right replies to his messages

Meeting men in real life with lots of ideas on how to make this happen!

Attracting good men with the perfect online dating profile

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Fast Track to Your Dream Guy?


This is my 6th week. Time has gone by so fast and yet so many good things have happened in the last 2 months. I am really grateful for the course and your feedback at every stage. My life is so much better because of you. So much of your experience really resonated with me. I guess what continues to surprise me is how much I am enjoying the entire process. I had expected it to be painful and disappointing (a bit like going to the gym) but it's been an absolute delight working with you.

I hope to continue this journey with you

Georgia 26, Sydney AUSTRALIA

The Havana Fast Track course was exactly what I needed to connect all the dots about how to apply The Rules to dating. Tania put so much love, patience and attention to the details of each participant, so that this challenge would not be another cookie cutter training course. She gave attention to our questions and concerns for each and every person who needed specific help in their specific area.

Liz 52, Wi USA

I've been listening to the Confidence and CUAO modules at the gym. It's so motivating!

Veronica 40, Sydney Australia

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