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Why You Can't End it With Him.

November 15, 2017

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The Prince and the TV Star

December 29, 2017


Girls around the world have hearts aflutter over the romantic fairytale of England's handsome prince and his new American TV star fiancée.


Women's magazines are having a field day and it has not gone unnoticed that their relationship has been different to what we have been used to seeing from the royal family.


But did she or did she not "do The Rules" at all with Harry? I'm referring to The Rules, as written by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider. It's clear that Suits star Meghan Markle has indeed studied The Rules book at length with her friends in high school and college. 


See the interview where Meghan mentions her experience of The Rules here.


In this interview Meghan uses the term, "Creature Unlike Any Other (CUAO)", which she most certainly is. It's the first and most important Rule. She also says that relationships are not about game-playing and that following your heart is the best way to finding true love. 


The Rules are a serious business and far from playing games, of course. In fact, they are a step-by-step guide to being the Creature Unlike Any Other that already lies within you so that you can attract and keep a wonderful man. It saves girls from being stranded on the rollercoaster of dysfunctional relationships and heart ache and casts her into a world of healthy dating, courted by high quality men who value her time. 


While it appears that Meghan may not have consciously "done The Rules" (in fact she broke quite a few of them as Who Magazine points out above), let's look at what did contribute to Prince Harry falling madly in love, leading to a relatively fast engagement. 


1. Prince Harry liked what he saw instantly. 

It was a blind date set up by a mutual friend. In his own words, 


Prince Harry: I’d never watched "Suits," I’d never heard of Meghan before. And I was beautifully surprised when I... walked into that room and saw her. There she was sitting there, I was like, "OK, well, I’m really gonna have to up my game!"


This is the foundation of The Rules: Man sees woman and is instantly captivated by her. She is a Creature Unlike Any Other and he knows that he needs to bring the best of himself to the table in order to impress.


2. He had lots of time to miss her.

Meghan and Harry lived on separate continents throughout their courtship. He did not have easy access to Meghan, especially because she was on set so much with a heavy filming schedule for her tv show.


Prince Harry: (Meghan was) coming over here four days or a week, and then going back and then straight into filming the next day...
(Being) on two different time zones... and five hours apart does have its challenges. But you know, we made it work, and now we’re here. So, we’re thrilled.


This is crucial to men falling in love and is a fundamental aspect of The Rules. Men fall in love when they are away from you, wondering about you, who you're with and what you're doing. 


3. She is a busy, successful independent woman with a full life.

Meghan did not make Harry her entire life. She had commitments to a tight filming schedule which she simply could not break and was also financially independent. 


Again, The Rules are all about being a whole person before you meet a man. You are encouraged to pursue your dreams, get a degree, learn a language, aim for the stars, whatever your heart desires. This makes you more interesting to a man anyway and he doesn't fear that you'll make him your whole life and suffocate him.


4. Meghan embodies the concept of Creature Unlike Any Other