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Why You Can't End it With Him.

November 15, 2017

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Don't Tell Him What to Do

January 20, 2017


Have you ever been in a situation at work or with your parents or at school/college where you feel like nothing you do is right? You’re trying your best, giving it a good shot but it feels like everywhere you turn, you’re being corrected, criticised or told to do it again, the way someone else wants it done? Or you just want to go to the beach or do your own thing and someone is constantly telling you that you can’t. 


Take a moment to think about how that feels. Everyone expects a little bit of constructive criticism here and there or some restriction when you’re growing up but I’m talking about when it’s beyond that, when it’s relentless. What’s that like? Does it inspire you to keep going in spite of it or does it leave you feeling beaten and broken? Is it hard to stay motivated to try your best because you feel like it’s pointless - it’s not going to be good enough anyway? Did you feel like you were slowly going crazy and you couldn't wait to be in a position where you didn't have to answer to anyone anymore?


What about those times you make a decision and are about to take a certain course of action and then that same person tells you to do exactly what you were about to do anyway - or they have to comment on every little thing you’re doing? 


Difficult and challenging experiences like these are something we all go through. They are also our teachers. In this case, it teaches us how it feels to have someone constantly trying to control wh