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Why You Can't End it With Him.

November 15, 2017

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Five Ways to Protect Your Heart

January 18, 2017


Are you tired of being hurt by guys who don't seem to be backing up their words with their actions?


One of the biggest issues for women in dating, is whether or not they can trust the guy. He might be really nice at first, she finds herself falling in love and then suddenly she discovers he has a wife and kids, or is sleeping with other women behind her back or he flies into a rage out of nowhere one day. We’ve all heard the horror stories or lived it ourselves but here are five ways that you can ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. 

  1. Don't get involved with a married or unavailable man in the first place. 
    If you're looking for drama, here's a great place to start. The minute you start dating a man who is married, in a relationship or unavailable for any other reason, you are setting yourself up for a tumultuous rollercoaster ride that is not only going to end in tears but will be full of tears throughout. As the reality of the situation sets in, the fun fades quickly. She demands that he leave the other woman, he says he will but he doesn't, he starts pulling away, she starts acting crazy and it's a great big mess. And let's be honest here, it's just not right. He's not yours to make demands on, regardless of what he's saying to you. We girls need to stick together, not be home-wreckers, whi