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Fast Track

to your

Dream Guy

10 weeks

"Who would know that only at 35 I would have the best date of my life? I call it the best date of my life because for the first time, I've seen and felt how it is when a man likes you very, very much: the way he looks at you, the way he reaches out to you all the time, the way he holds you. And how good it feels. While I know that it's been only two months with him and I need to see further and that anything can happen, please know that I am very grateful to you for leading me through all this.." 

Jasmine C 35

"I clicked with Lynda straight away, as she is approachable and understanding... There's been a huge shift in the quality of my dates for the better." 

Casey C 33

"Having Lynda guide me through each leg of the journey... has been a wonderful, fun experience. She switches seamlessly from mentor to guide, to confidant and friend."

Lis B 29

The Secrets


Happy Marriage

6 weeks

"Lynda is the only resource that has provided actionable life advice to make my relationship with my second husband better... Lynda strikes a healthy and empathetic balance between understanding a woman's point of view and helping to translate that into actions that motivate a man to treat us with love, adoration and respect." 

Sandra H, 35

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